Attach PDF Documents to the Sales Proposal




  • Lauren Williams

    Hi, we have followed the instructions about attaching files to the PDF proposal however, it's not coming through on the online proposal. Could you explain how we do this please?  Thanks Lauren

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  • OpenSolar Support

    Hi Tosin,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    What you're referring to - component tiles with marketing content (e.g. spec sheet, product details, product images) - are partner exhibits, and they are only available if the manufacturer is a partner of OpenSolar. When you select an exhibited module, the marketing content will be automatically attached to the proposals.

    At the moment, Jinko is the only manufacturing partner in Africa.

    Hope this clarifies. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our support team via this link.



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  • Tosin Ojikutu

    Does anyone know if there's a requirement to do this individually for all components we add to the control panel or should this not be done automatically by the manufacturer? 

    e.g. pls see 15:51 of this video on the AFSIA YouTube channel. The Jinko component not only has a spec, but it even has a video that the manufacturer has added. I assume when the user clicks "details", it takes them to the manufacturer's website/pdf on their site since there's a risk my pdf of their spec may be out of date but the one on the manufacturer's website is most probably the single source of information. 

    What do people think?

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